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Kingfisher no fishing sign Kingfisher no fishing sign
Height 300mm. A classic no fishing sign depicting a brightly coloured kingfisher, a must for every pond.  

Price:   £5.95

Stone bridge Stone bridge
Size 600mm x 240mm high. A reproduction of an old stone built bridge. 

Price:   £17.95

Edging stone rope Edging stone rope
Size 210 x 450mm. A lawn edging stone with a barley twist rope patterned top. 

Price:   £1.99

Grid guard Grid guard
Size x . A 3 sided grid guard to prevent debris blowing into the grid. 

Price:   £6.95

Edging stone scolloped Edging stone scolloped
Size 150 x 600mm. A lawn edging stone with a scolloped patterned top. 

Price:   £1.99

Large dragon Large dragon
Height 490mm. A large sized mythical dragon available in a range of finishes 

Price:   £24.95

Dragon Dragon
Height 320mm. A medium sized mythical dragon available in a range of finishes 

Price:   £21.50

Horses head Horses head
Height 500mm. A classic horses head ideal for topping a gate post. 

Price:   £14.95

Wheel Wheel
Diameter 490mm. A classic old cartwheel. 

Price:   £10.95

Ammonite very large Ammonite very large
Size 550mm.
A lvery arge reproduction stone ammonite. 

Price:   £29.50

Ammonite small Ammonite small
Size 250mm.
A reproduction small stone ammonite. 

Price:   £9.95

No fishing sign No fishing sign
Size 330mm x 330mm.
A no fishing sign, a must for every pond. 

Price:   £5.95

Lion and shield Lion and shield
Height 610mm. Base 260 x 230mm.
A large formal sitting lion holding a shield, a plinth is available, click photograph. 

Price:   £59.95

Ammonite large Ammonite large
Size 360mm.
A good sized reproduction stone ammonite. 

Price:   £18.95

Double ammonites Double ammonites
Size 370 x 250mm.
A pair of reproduction stone ammonites. 

Price:   £15.95

Cartwheel large Cartwheel large
Diameter 560mm.
A large chunky old fashioned cartwheel. 

Price:   £19.95

Baby ammonite Baby ammonite
Size 150mm.
A reproduction small stone ammonite. 

Price:   £5.95

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