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Monoliths Reprodution monoliths in 4 different sizes, manufactured in resin in a wide variety of finishes these imitation rocks look very effective when running. Pebble pools and matching bowls are also available.
Monolith height 1050mm £169
Monolith height 930mm £130
Monolith height 750mm £99
Monolith height 570mm £59
Lights A wide range of pond, garden and fountain lights all with transformer. From a single spot to a colour changing L.E.D. with mister all at discounted prices.
Misters A wide range of mister units with or without lights for the pond or for fountains. All with transformers included and automatic low water cut out add some wow to your water feature from only £24.95. See the witch and cauldren on the home page.
Pumps A massive range of pond and fountain pumps in stock all with 10 metres of cable. From 400 to 10000 litres per hour flow rate there will be a pump for you. All at hugely discounted prices and starting from under £20.00.
Waterfalls A range of approximately 40 different pre-formed waterfalls manufactured in a variety of materials. Most waterfalls can be interlinked to form a larger feature, for the full range available please contact us for further details.

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