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  Columns and plinths
Columns and plinths A wide choice of columns and plinths which can be used for statues urns, pots or for placing a sundial or birdbath top on. All are available in a wide range of finishes.
  Brass sundials and armillaries
Brass sundials and armillaries A vast array of solid brass sundials and armillaries in a wide range of finishes, these make lovely gifts and come ready boxed, some assembly required. Columns are available if required see; Sundials and columns complete.
  Fountain sprayers for ponds
Fountain sprayers for ponds A wide variety of sprayers some wall mounted, ideal for the centre or side of a pond or water feature. Pumps with 10 metres of cable are available for all spraying ornaments
Animals A massive range of all animals and birds from pigs to pelicans and elephants to merecats. All available in a range of natural finishes or fully painted.
  Benches & Tables
Benches & Tables A huge selection of straight and curved benches from only £26.50 all available in a wide range of finishes. Matching tables are also available.
  Bird Baths
Bird Baths A huge range of over 50 birdbaths from only £10.95 all available in a wide range of colours / finishes. Birdbath tops can be purchased seperately and many birdbaths have a matching sundial available.
  Coping Stones
Coping Stones A good selection of reproduction coping stones in many styles and lengths. Reproduced from originals and all available at a fraction of the price. Some bespoke copings can be copied, please enquire for the cost.
  Fountains, self contained.
Fountains, self contained. 100's of self contained fountains available in a wide range of finishes. All self contained fountains include a pump with 10 metres of electric cable. From a tiny stone trough fountain, a wooden barrell fountain through to a 9 foot stone fountain there is something for every location.
Gargoyles Dozens of gargoyles, vampires and grotesque figures all available in a wide range of finishes, there is something for everyone. For wall mounted gargoyles see the wall mounted ornament section.
  Name Plaques
Name Plaques A wide range of custom made house signs and number plaques manufactured in stone or wood. Any shape or size individually made from only £19 .95 ( illustrated sign THE COACH HOUSE £ 45.00 ). Personalised millstones are a particular best seller.
Millstones A wide selection of reproduction millstones from 9 inch to 28 inch in a wide variety of finishes. Copied from original millstones these would fool the experts once aged. Bespoke personalised millstones can also be manufactured (see the House names section).
Mushrooms A wonderful variety of mushrooms, toadstools and staddle stones in a huge variety of sizes and finishes, most available as water features if required . A wide variety of wooden mushrooms are also manufactured.
  Novelty Items
Novelty Items An incredible selection of 100's of novelty items from a flashing gnome to a witch and cauldren, a joke poo to a range of stone buildings, all available in a wide range of finishes. A best selling range of novelty hedehogs are included in this section.
  Oriental / Egyptian
Oriental / Egyptian Oriental items include 12 different buddhas, foo dogs , dragons, lanterns and pagodas to name a few, Egyptian items include amongst them King tut, Rameses, Scarab beetles and the Horus bird. All available in a wide range of finishes including painted.
  Painted Items
Painted Items Every single item on offer is available in a fully painted finish, bring the item alive with colour ( nb. a small painting charge is applicable ). Animals can be painted to your colours, just bring a photograph.
  Pier Caps
Pier Caps Pier caps and finials from 6 inches square to 30 inches square. A massive selection modern and old in a wide range of finishes. Includes acorns, balls and a range of ornate finials all available in a wide range of finishes.
Copies of original pier caps can be made, please contact us for a price.
Planters 100's of pots and planters in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, from a formal tub to a novelty animal pushing a wheelbarrow. All available in a wide range of finishes including painted
  Statues & Plinths
Statues & Plinths A wonderful selection of figureines and statues in all shapes and sizes. From a tiny pixie to a 5 foot figure there will be something to adorn your garden. All available in a wide range of finishes including painted
  Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones A wide selection of stepping and edging stones, whether it be oriental, rustic or novelty. All available in a wide range of finishes.
  Sundials with columns complete
Sundials with columns complete A stunning range of brass sundials, armillaries and stone columns all available in a wide range of finishes. All sundials and columns are interchangable so the combinations are endless. Complete columns with dials from under £30, ideal gifts.
Troughs Approximately 70 different stone troughs from 6 inch to 6 foot, some made to your requirments. The range includes a selection of ornamental patterned troughs to a wide range of beautiful reproduction sandstone troughs. The trough illustrated is the Durham which measures 44 inches in length and is priced at £45.00.
All troughs are suitable for planting or for water features.
  Urns & Plinths
Urns & Plinths A beautiful selection of urns and plinths all available in a wide range of finishes. Most urns have a matching plinth which is optional for added height. A delivery service can be arranged for the larger urns if required.
  Wall Mounted Ornaments
Wall Mounted Ornaments A massive selection of wall mounted ornaments and planters all available in a wide range of finishes, for wall mounted water features and sprayers see the fountain section.
Miscellaneous A wide range of items that dont seem to fit into a catergory, from a cartwheel to a wishing well look here to try to find that something different.

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